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George Ammar is the Founder and Entrepreneur of Ohio CFO LLC, a financial services firm that specializes in providing CFO services for privately owned businesses and entrepreneurs in Ohio. With over 32 years of experience in accounting and finance, he has the skills, expertise and industry knowledge to help smaller entities. He also currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer at Providence Healthcare Management in Cleveland, Ohio.

A Certified Public Accountant, George Ammar has helped countless clients increase their financial portfolio, manage their capital structure, and move towards a more financially stable future by developing economic strategies and forecasts specific to each client’s business, needs, and industry.

In addition, he is a highly experienced Financial Executive that has a background in private equity, financial services, manufacturing, construction, insurance, and real estate industries.

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This website will also serve as an online resource for the latest news and updates regarding the financial services industry and finance in general. Finally, George Ammar also shares his tips and insights regarding tax, including tax changes in 2018; entrepreneurship and small businesses, basics of starting a home-based business, and all things related to business and finance. To start reading his tips and advice, please visit the Blog page.

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