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George Ammar | Tips on Customer Acquisition

For CFO George Ammar, a brand’s worth should never be valued in cash but instead on the number of loyal customers it has. After all, it’s the repeat customers who keep businesses profitable. But in order to gain a loyal following, you must first gain the trust of a few. And this brings us to today’s topic: customer acquisition.

In any business, landing the first clients or customers is the most crucial part. It doesn’t matter how many sleepless nights you spent perfecting your product or how exceptional your brand of service is. If you have no customers, you won’t get anywhere, says George Ammar. On that note, George shares a few tips for landing your first clients or customers:

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1. Don’t sell a “potential”

When you’re out knocking on doors or making cold calls or whatever else you have up your sleeves to sell your product, you will most likely come across three types of customers: those who say yes, those who want something else and those who say no. For this tip, George Ammar says to refrain for making promises you can’t keep, and this includes promises of delivering a product that doesn’t yet exist (a fact that the client doesn’t know but which you believe you can develop in time for the delivery), and promising additional features or freebies that you don’t have. In other words, don’t oversell.

It all boils down to this: either the customer will want your product or they won’t. There is no in between; no gray area so stop focusing on the potential, reminds George Ammar.

2. Become an expert at something

These days, hard-sell techniques are most likely to be shut down than received. Consumers have become more discriminating and selective in everything; from what they buy to where they buy and who they buy from. So instead of putting all your efforts in developing hard-sell techniques, put your efforts into making your company an expert at something; something relevant to your market and related to your brand, advises George Ammar. To introduce your product to your market, you could give a free webinar where experts from the company will be the speakers or instructors. Choose a topic that will resonate with your target market.

3. Choose your marketing channels

Nowadays, consumers turn to the internet for everything they want to buy. Whether it’s to do a background check on a specific product or company, read reviews to learn more about the product or buy the product. What this shows is that the internet has become the marketplace that the general public will go to for anything that they need and this is what you should focus your energies on, suggests George Ammar. Your company website and social media pages are great channels for disseminating information about your brand. For your consumers’ convenience, provide all the information that they need and include a shopping option. If you make shopping easier for your target market, you increase your click-to-conversion chances.

George Ammar hopes that these tips could help you get started on your selling strategies. Stay tuned for more business tips!