Cleveland, Ohio

George Ammar | CFO | About

As Founder and Entrepreneur of Ohio CFO LLC, George Ammar spends a great deal of time at work; showcasing him as having much resilience. And although he is grateful for all the opportunities presented to him to advance in his career, he knows that life isn’t just about work; which is why he strives to create a balance between his professional career and personal life.

Taking care of his mental and physical well-being is important for George Ammar. He follows a healthy diet, and regularly works out. He likewise enjoys running as he finds it relaxing, especially after a stressful day at the office. A lazy day at home means watching NBA games on television. An alumnus of Cleveland State University (where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting), he is a true-blue Cleveland Cavaliers fan. In baseball, George Ammar shares that his favorite team is the Cleveland Indians.

For university sports, he supports the University of Notre Dame. Apart from watching sports on TV, he also likes to watch his favorite shows, which include the Big Bang Theory, Survivor, and Shark Tank. For movies, his all-time favorites include all the Rocky movies, Star Wars franchise, and Rudy.

George Ammar also finds listening to his favorite tunes relaxing. He enjoys the music of Billy Joel and other 70’s music greats.

Whenever his schedule permits, he goes to Florida for a little R&R. Florida, by the way, is his favorite destination in the country. Its beaches in Miami and islands in Florida Keys are the perfect getaway, George Ammar shares.

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Stay tuned for more posts from George! He looks forward to seeing you all again here soon!